The Anywhere Report houses several ongoing series by writer/cartoonist Destiny A. Davison (that’s me) after a heated real estate conversation ended with everyone involved “needing space.”

Subsequently, you’ll find these fine folks daily adventures here:

THE ANYWHERE REPORT is an (unbiased), oft described as “scrappy” team of reporters dedicated to covering the daily happenings of Here, There, and Elsewhere.

FRIENDS FROM HERE (FRIENDS GALLERY) is an ongoing illustrated series that explores the everyday lives of the various real, unreal and in-between “thinking things” that live in a place called Here. Where Here is on a geographical basis is still open for debate.

PLANET B is about what the planets (both discovered and undiscovered) are doing “up there.”

TWO-PLY COMICS are comics with only two-panels. I started drawing them in late 2021 as a means to work off the rust.

DOG PEOPLE is a comic about dogs and the people who love them. (Coming Soon.)

And more….(ominous beat…)

Discover more of my work at  www.destinydavison.com and at @destinyadavison. Here’s a sneak preview on what you’ll find there–